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Rebellion just posted this up on their YouTube channel a few minutes ago.  It’s a new video about the gameplay for Evil Genius 2.

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Sequel to the beloved 2004 original, torch-bearer for the spy-fi genre, unique strategy-management

Here’s the video transcript for anyone that would like to read it vs watch:

The dastardly minds behind evil genius, too, are ready to show you new gameplay and new details about their upcoming spy fi strategy Falin and prepare for your briefing Minyans. Hello and welcome to Rebellion, where jazz and collarless tunics are the new black and where we just can’t help but reveal our plans to every agent we capture, we’re invoking that. Do it now. Button on all of you who haven’t subscribed to the channel yet. When you hit that red button, you’ll get new vids every week.

Speaking of revealing our plans, it’s time to show off a bit more evil Genius two sequel to the beloved 2004 original torch bearer for the Speechify Genre, a unique strategy management hybrid. It’s due in the first half of 2021 to ensure it says evil and ingenious as it can be. But the team behind it are ready to show off a bit more of it.

And that’s exactly what you’ll see in this video from some returning familiar faces to new details about the covert operation, doomsday devices, traps, lair building and much more.

Here’s your latest look at evil genius to every good island.

Life begins with a totally innocuous cover operation to throw tourists and the forces of justice alike write off your Machiavellian musk.

That’s what the casino here is doing with the help of your vallet minions.

They’re convincing tourists to throw all their holiday money on black while simultaneously convincing any agents that nothing to see here. Guy just a regular old casino out that door, just the staff room mate. All those tourists who went through would have been seen again. I haven’t heard about it.

Go across your cover operation will vary depending on your genius. So read even being a man of limited subtlety would much rather be spending time shouting or building a massive bomb than worrying about a fancy casino, which means his will be a little more sparse than some others, which will be showing off in time. And speaking of cards on the table, if we’re laying out there’s really very little out there we find more inspirational than the star of Transformers and Fury telling us to just do it.

You know what, though? Evil genius, too, might have picked even by introducing that. Do it now, Command, bring your evil genius to an area you’d like, given special attention, activate the mode and minions will drop everything to tend to the actions within its area of effect. In this way, you can sort of use the genius like a cursor moving him around to points on things to get them done. Paronto this mode also serves to underline that in general you have a pretty white gloves management style enabled genius to the time isn’t spent highlighting individual minions and telling them to do this and that, but instead accumulating the right amount of human resources to achieve your goals.

Humans like Eli Barracuda Junior, who’s demonstrating the evil genius, too, is a canonical sequel to the original, which means the original characters still exist in the same universe and b they’ve aged, which means Maximiliano original henchman has gone and started a family since we last saw him, and Eli Junior decided to take up the family business crime loading like his old pop Eli confi via Mellet or with that silver revolver.

And also like his pop, he loves to strut about the place, but he’s not the only returning face.

In addition to Maximilien here, we’ve shown off before and read Ivan, who’s been promoted from henchmen to full blown evil genius for this game. Jubei makes a return and well, let’s just say the years haven’t been kind to his appearance. Don’t be fooled, though.

He’s still an absolute monster in a fight. Previously on The Channel. We devised a test to prove Jobster is the most deadly henchman around. And while he prefers a non lethal approach these days, he’s still capable of taking people out to getting a sufficiently powerful weapon.

Bill is basically the evil genius, his raison d’être. It’s what they think about in bed before drifting off, when most of us will be thinking about our taco stand business idea or whether it’s a Dalmatian. As such, building the doomsday device is an important part of the game.

In the first game, you didn’t really gain access to an operational version until the very end and you got to fire it just the once.

That’s all different for the better.

This time you build it up literally upwards throughout the course of the game, devising ever more powerful iterations as you go on and test firing it at will in whichever region of the world map you choose. Your ultimate aim is to hone a doomsday device which is so powerful that the forces of justice are forced to surrender to your well, which is easier said than done.

Of course, they will do just about anything to stop you.

There’s so much more to talk about. An evil genius too. But let’s bring the magnifying glass over one more little wrinkle of its management system. Minion treats every single minion has their own personality in two, and that’s expressed via the traits that you can read about when you highlight them. Traits give you clues as to what job they might be best put to use them.

If you hover over me and click, for example, you’d find the torque slightly too loud into a mic trait. And I’ve just been deployed. Correct.

By Rebellion HQ, another minion might have the precious flowers trait, which means after a hard day, building a machine to enslave us all or at the roulette table, they like to preserve flora, which in turn means they’re probably not best cut out for a violent role in your organization.

What you’re really looking for here is loyalty, though. If your workforce isn’t ready to basically live and breathe the job without a second’s moral questioning and not worth having and can thus be given an assignment that sends them away from the base like permanently.

We’ve got so much more to talk about between now and evil genius tears release. So stay tuned and subscribe to the channel for more updates. Remember, you can wish Evil Genius to right now on steam and a like if you enjoyed the bet until next time. Dance like no one’s watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt and do it now. Like Red Ivan’s telling you to.

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