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A brief guide to getting through the objectives and missions in the original Evil Genius game for the first island.  If you’re looking for the mission guides for the second island please go here.

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The following guide hopefully to serve as a useful point for information for getting through any points in the game which you may find tricky. It doesn’t list any of the items or henchmen you get at each level; nor does it suggest better base building techniques (these can be found in other sections of the site). However, for a handy reference to some of the trickier sections of the missions, look no further.

Naturally, there are plenty of spoilers in this section, so only look if you really need to!

Objective 1 – Evil Intentions

A brief guide to getting through the objectives and missions in the game

This objective is the nice relaxed one, introducing you to the game and to the general idea of base building and defending. You will also build a few rooms, such as the control room, the barracks, the freezer, the strong room and (possibly) the infirmary. Be sure, if you are new to the game, that you check out the tutorial before you start.

Useful hints

  • Be sure, right at the start, to increase your top minion count from 3 to 5 in the minion management screen. Also – don’t worry about invading agents – any that do come will not attack you unless you attack them first. You may also wish to place another base entrance pointing out towards the helipad to speed things up, but be careful to defend it properly.

1) Ensure a healthy minion force by building a Barracks. You’ll need at least one Bunk Bed and Locker.

  • This is a nice simple objective. Build the barracks near the entrance to help speed things up (there is little in there that will interest any invading agents). Top tip: for every locker you build, your minion population level will increase. Be sure to go into the minion management screen to increase your level to about 30 and build loads of lockers to get a quickly built workforce. You will need a bunkbed too, but be fair and give them a couple!

2) Before you can send minions around the world to carry out Acts of Infamy, you need to construct a Control Room to help filter information. Make sure you have at least one Control Console and one Memory Bank.

  • Again, the objective brief spells out what you need to do. The control room needs to be placed further in – you won’t have a sprawling base yet, but put it at the end of a longish corridor to allow space for traps and doors to block agents. When you have one of each type (you may wish to place two of each for future use) the World Domination Screen will become active, which you are welcome to explore as you wish (hell – why not try one of the Acts Of Infamy?). Top tip: You will not get any agents come to your island during the first objective, so use this time to get a stockpile of cash for later on. Be warned, though, that as soon as you enter the Objective 2, your high heat will cause you major grief!

3) It seems you are under scrutiny even before you begin. Somewhere on the island are some pesky investigators, tipped off of your arrival. Eliminate them!

  • Your first taste of combat, and it’s a pathetic group of individuals that you are up against. Your henchman will be able to pick them all off easily enough, so click on him and then right click an agent. Top tip: Alternatively, hold “left CTRL”, right click on, and select the kill tag. They will all be tagged as a group and nearby minions will kill them.
  • You will be given the freezer room when one dies – place this deep in your base and your minions will move the bodies automatically.

4) Reports indicate that trained civilians are holidaying on the island. Capture and imprison a maid in a security holding cell.

  • This mission will only appear once all the previous three have been completed. Place the recently acquired armoury with a cell in it (again, away from the entrance). Then search around for the maid, who will be wondering around your island (whilst probably wondering why on earth she went on holiday here, alone and in her maid uniform). Do not kill her (but if you do, another will come). Right click on her, select the capture tag, and then summon your henchman over to her by left clicking on him, then right clicking on her. She will be taken to the cell.

5) The civilian maid could yield useful information to your men. Interrogate her to train up an advanced minion.

  • Once the maid is captured, you will be awarded the interrogation chair as one of the armoury objects. Place this down in the armoury. Then, right click on the cell the maid is in, select the interrogate option, and click on the chair. This is a little tricky (you may use the wrong button, for instance). If no-one comes to interrogate her (or if the tag above her doesn’t change), then try again. Once she is in the chair, enjoy the cool interrogation sequence, and revel in the fact that not only has your construction worker been transformed into a valet, but that Objective 1 is over!

Objective 2 – Head of the Underworld

This objective really does start throwing you into the game. At the start you may want to start throwing minions into the world map to steal cash but, unless you are skint, don’t rush to do this. There are plenty of things to get going with on the island, especially as you will have been given the training room (place down a few of all three training objects), the staff room, the inner sanctum, the power room and a couple more.

Useful hints

  • Ensure you are bringing in all the workers you are allowed by checking that the total number of construction workers wanted is higher than the number of minions you are allowed on the minion management screen (ignore the verbal warning). Get a power plant built fairly quick with a generator (but don’t worry for now about capacitators). Place one of each type of room in a design which appeals to you, and be sure, in the minion management screen to prepare for new minion types by increasing the number of valets, technicians and guards wanted to around 5 of each (assuming you have a total number allowed of around 30 minions – increase your number of lockers if not). Agents will start to appear at regular intervals if you have any form of heat on the world map, so be prepared to deal with them (although if you are sensible you will have little problem with them. You don’t get any objectives asking you to build traps, so feel free to make them when you feel you need to. At some point you will need to start earning cash, so place around 5 minions in central America, a few in Europe and a few in the Middle East (each of these areas have high stealing values). Be sure they are set to steal, not plot. Note too, that they will eventually be picked off by agents, so keep sending more when this happens.
  • There are also no objectives to specifically get any more minion types, so do this yourself by plotting in South America and in the Far East for the guard hostage and the technician hostage. Each of these AOI’s require 4 construction workers (send 5 to be sure) and if succesful will send the hostages to the island. Be sure to get them from your cells, interrogate them, and start more training before they die (which means having to capture a new hostage). Overall, take all these missions/objectives slowly – there is a lot to learn.

1) Crime Lords, just like Evil Geniuses, are impressed by shows of wealth. You need somewhere suitably ostentatious to host this gathering of criminal masterminds. Build an Inner Sanctum and Conference Table in preparation for this nefarious delegation.

  • This is a very basic mission – to place down the room and the object listed. Don’t worry about rushing to do it (money will be at a premium now!), as the Crime Lords will just hang around until it is built. At some point you’ll need to make it, however, so get it planned out and your minions will get around to it.

2) Rumor has it that all of Indian Subcontinent is controlled by one man – Armand Krishnan. He has many nefarious plots and intrigues, mostly concerning corruption of local government officials. Track him down and encourage him to come to bend to our way of thinking.


3) Marvin de Luca the nefarious Mafia don of all North America is a powerful man, but with too much hubris. He must be made to respect true power and authority.


4) The inscrutable Lei Ying Lo is the undisputed head of organized crime across China and Southeast Asia. Track him down and send out a party to show him we mean business.

  • These three missions are very similar, and require you to simply plot to find the AOI on the World Map and perform it. Armand Krishnan is in India (yellow section, right of Middle East). Marvin de Luca is in the West Cost of the USA (I think!). Lei Ying is near where the technician hostage is. For each send three construction workers to uncover them. Each AOI will required different types of minions, so be sure you have at least 5 of valets, technicians and guards for this purpose. Send them to the correct places as defined in the AOI brief and start the AOI. Crime Bosses will go directly to your Inner Sanctum upon completing the AOI.

5) Nikita Leonov, the notorious butcher of St. Petersburg has arrived here on your very island, but he is refusing to acknowledge your authority. A good battering in the Mess Hall Counter’s Big Mixing Bowl should bring him round to your way of thinking.

  • Nikita appears on your island (black guy with an cool afro), so when this mission appears spend a bit of time looking around your island to give them a kicking (use capture tag). You may want to use a special henchman power if you have one available, or use his basic power to summon nearby minions to help knock out this formidable guy. Your version of the mission text may simply say “mix him up”, so if you are confused, then check out my updated version for the hint – you need to interrogate him (once captured) with the mixing bowl that comes as part of the mess hall counter (expensive version). Be sure to make this room if you don’t have it made already! After a good deal of time in the bowl, he will head off to the Inner Sanctum too.

6) Nigel Ewing, the CIA agent, has since gone rogue and is now the ruler of all criminal activities on the African continent. He was last seen cruising off down the Nile with a vast shipment of arms and a veritable army of loyal tribesmen. He won’t be easy to find and makes a point of only seeing seriously connected Criminals. If you aren’t notorious enough, you’ll never find him!

  • This guy is harder to find then to actually persuade to come. You will need around 75 notoriety, so be sure to start doing some of the other random objectives you will have come across on the World Map (especially ones which give you loot or buildings (such as the Library Blueprints AOI). Keep doing this. At around 75 notoriety, start looking for Nigel in the North Africa / Middle East where you will soon catch up with him. Send over the required minions to bring him home. Top tip: Don’t do this if your base is under heavy attack. You can wait for your heat to go down and your minion levels to rise (notoriety rarely drops, if you keep your loot safe). The next mission requires some serious defense, so be prepared to deal with it before completing this one.

7) Bob ‘Barking’ Caine, the respected organized crime boss from the East End of London is the last of the major crime bosses. He isn’t going down without a fight, reports indicate that fighters loyal to his cause will be landing on our shores very shortly. We must show him who is boss, crush his men and bring him to heel!

  • This is not an easy mission, but if you followed my hint in the last mission and waited to build a decent army of guards (get at least 10) then this is not so bad. Bob’s men will arrive in three batches of 6 agents, arriving via the dock and via dingy beyond the helipad. Get your henchman over there along with some minions (use henchman’s “summon minions” ability). As they are coming off the dingy, you can pick them off one by one if you are well prepared. Not many other hints to give, other than to keep going, keep your EG safely away and try not to let them in the base! Good luck!

Objective 3 – Better Living Through Chemistry

This objective introduces the concept of research (and a complex one it is too). It’s not a very long objective but use this time to stockpile more cash, ensure your whole base is running smoothly with the more advanced hostages you’ll now be able to find around the World Map.

Useful hints

  • You have a bit of time here before stealing the research machine to get your heats levels down a bit following the many AOI’s you will have had to do in the last objective. Start to tweak your base to ensure you have everything available, and keep your EG in a useful place to keep giving out loyalty boosts near where minions carry dead agents. Place loot near where minions sit to achieve similar effects. You may also wish to create the hotel you’ve had available for some time.
  • When you get the research machines up and running, don’t mess around with getting a decent number of scientists wandering around your base finding things to research. By placing one of everything down, you are ensuring that scientists find loads of stuff to use in research. Elsewhere on this site you should find a list of what item works with which piece of lab equipment to produce new things, if this helps.

1) Our technicians have received word that a brand new research machine is in development – this equipment would let us develop new technologies. The scientists who came up with the machine are showing it off at the Brilliant Boffin’s Bazaar (or B3) in Tokyo next week. This is an excellent opportunity to steal the machine and kick-start the evil research program.

  • A fairly simple mission to start with. Head to the world map and search in Japan for the AOI in question – it will show up as a much brighter mission than the others. Perform it with the correct minions and bring that baby home! You’ll then be able to build your laboratory.

2) The laboratory needs at least one piece of Experimental Apparatus before you can start ordering experiments. Steal either the Centrifuge, Impact Stress Analyzer or Laser, then research some new stuff.

  • There are three different pieces of equipment to search for, as listed in the mission brief. All three are useful, but don’t worry about which one you find, as the others will be available through training later on anyway (you’ll soon have them all). They are spread around, and should dhow up immediately, but if not, try searching in Australia or North America. Place it down in your lab, and you will be able to start doing research (assuming your research machine and computer database are placed, and you have a scientist).

3) The forces of justice are going to be a constant thorn in our side until they’ve retrieved the Research Machine. Build a fake, and trick them into stealing that.

  • This is a neat little mission. You have to build a fake (which will be available in your object list for the lab) and let agents find it and steal it back – but make sure they take the fake, not the real one! This, of course, can be made a little easier by making a 4×4 lab near the entrance or in a outdoor shack where it will be found more easily. Once they have run away with it, the mission will be complete.

Objective 4 – Loot and Pillage

This objective appears alongside Objective 5 and both must be completed to continue. It’s not an easy objective, but I’m sure you can manage it!

Useful hints

  • The uber-loot which you are asked to search for in this objective may well take some finding and will require the skills of lots of different types of minions. Be sure that you have as many different types of minions as you can get, ensuring that there are at least 10 workers, 15 guards, 10 valets, 8 technicians, 10 scientists, 5 spin doctors, 10 mercenaries, and a few (ideally at least 5) of the top levels of each type. Keep your research going full tilt to get new traps and items – it will help to have this stuff now to incorporate it into your new base when you switch islands later on. And watch out for super agents, especially Mamba from Africa who can be a real pain at this time.

1) Steal 4 of the 6 pieces of uber-loot strewn across the globe. Each alliance has at least one item of uber-loot in one of its regions.

  • The uber-loot items have a special mark so you know which they are (and glow more brightly). You don’t have to get them all, which helps, so keep your searching to areas where you have the least heat to give time for the heat to drop in other areas. There is no rush, really, so you may just want to do one region at a time when searching for the loot. The pieces of loot are: Excalibur (Europe), Eiffel Tower (Europe), Million-dollar Bill (East America), Mummy Case (location unsure), Samurai’s Armour (Far East) and the Ark of the Covenant (Afghanistan, western HAMMER region). When you get them, they will be brought to random locations – so move them sharpish to a safe place in your base (don’t worry about placing them for effect yet, as you need to keep them safe). If one is stolen, you will need to get it back.

2) Now that you have possession of the most important artefacts in the world, some serious cash flow is needed to further cement your organization as a true world power. Generate at least $10000 per minute through world domination theft activity for 5 minutes, while still holding onto the required number of loot pieces.

  • This is a fairly simple objective. Keep your loot safe, and ensure you are getting over $10,000 a minute. Keep a supply of minions moving to good stealing locations (Central America, Middle East, China, Europe) and make sure they are not killed and the supply doesn’t drop. When five mins is up you should have a decent stockpile of cash, but some high heat so get them all out and wait a while for your heat to drop before continuing on.

Objective 5 – Masterplan Machination

Things will really be hotting up now… start to set your sights a little higher! This objective is the last before you move to your new island.

Useful hints

  • The uber-loot which you are asked to search for in this objective may well take some finding and will require the skills of lots of different types of minions. Be sure that you have as many different types of minions as you can get, ensuring that there are at least 10 workers, 15 guards, 10 valets, 8 technicians, 10 scientists, 5 spin doctors, 10 mercenaries, and a few (ideally at least 5) of the top levels of each type. Keep your research going full tilt to get new traps and items – it will help to have this stuff now to incorporate it into your new base when you switch islands later on. And watch out for super agents, especially Mamba from Africa who can be a real pain at this time.
  • There is a warning at the end, which you should heed regarding moving to the new island (which you will be allowed to do following successful completion of this and Objective 4 – make sure you read it!

1) There are three embryonic ideas for Doomsday Devices, but each needs three pieces of vital information before it can be pursued any further. The information can be found in many ways. It could be hidden in a region on the World Domination map, or captured as a reward for completing an Act of Infamy, or even held by an enemy agent invading your very base!

  • The hints in this mission text are vital as it is often hard to find the information though simply searching. The AOI’s you need to complete should be in Cuba, Australia and North Africa so get searching for them. I’m a little unsure of the regions, but you must break the top levels of intelligence in them to find the info so get loads of control desks, keep them manned, and chuck 2-3 minions in each region until you find them all (you may automatically find some if you are lucky enough to have the intelligence levels up already). The agent info is the one most people forget. Before killing intruders (killing will make more come), click on different types to see if the information logo appear next to them. If it does, capture and interrogate them.

2) Reach the Notoriety rank of “Insane (200)”

  • A simple mission, which will either take 5 mins or 2 hours, depending on your notoriety rank. If you have been doing lots of extra AOI’s throughout the game you should have little worries about getting to 200. If you have only 100 or so, then you best get searching in some of the areas you don’t go often, and start doing some of the AOI’s! There are plenty of AOI’s to find – keep your control room busy and they will be uncovered soon enough.
  • Once you have completed this Objective and Objective 4, you will be in a position to move to your new island. You may want to hang around here for a while, stockpiling cash, getting new research done and letting heat reduce down a bit. It is important that you have a good large sum of cash in the bank before moving – I suggest close to $1,000,000 for a fairly pain-free new base, as it’s an expensive business! And here’s a final handy tip: Why not just sell the stuff you’ve already bought? That’s not cheating.. it’s recycling! Demolishing stuff you bought will refund your expenses. When you are ready to switch islands, start with demolishing the control room. You don’t need it anymore, since you won’t be going to the world-screen until the new island. After that, demolish every room except for the staff-replenishing-rooms (canteen, staff room, archives, infirmary and so on), the powerplant and the strong room. Then demolish the remaining rooms, then the powerplant, and now you are left with a corridor and the strong room. Now you will have an enormous amount of money to use on your next island, and you haven’t even cheated. Some tips on demolishing: There are also money to be saved on demolishing corridors, so if you have one really long corridor, but can’t demolish it all due to escape routes etc., just build a door where you want to separate it. After that you can demolish the desired part clean from the other part you sectioned off with a door. Rooms cannot be demolished when your henchmen or evil genius are standing in them. Some rooms can’t be demolished when in use. Demolishing a room will also refund the items in it. The clone machine must be demolished, you can’t take it with you. The monkey-cage should be moved out into the corridor before demolishing the laboratory, since it is a nice tool to have on the new island where there actually live monkeys. Also, when arriving on the new island, it is a good idea to pause the game and build the base with peace of mind, and good time, since you now can afford everything you desire to build. Just remember, your funds will be frozen until you have built a bigger strong room on the new island. Don’t worry, the gold will start pouring in the minute you move the suitcase-rack from the outdoor, temporary strong room, to the new strong room located within the new base. Thanks, Erik for these tips!

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