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A brief guide to getting through the objectives and missions in the original Evil Genius game for the second island.  If you’re looking for the mission guides for the first island please go here.

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The following guide hopefully to serve as a useful point for information for getting through any points in the game which you may find tricky. It doesn’t list any of the items or henchmen you get at each level; nor does it suggest better base building techniques (these can be found in other sections of the site). However, for a handy reference to some of the trickier sections of the missions, look no further.

Naturally, there are plenty of spoilers in this section, so only look if you really need to!

Objective 6 – Road to Doomsday

You have arrived on island 2! Now the most important decision of the game will have to be made: how to design your base.

Useful hints

  • You’ll have to live with this base until the end of the game, so you’d better think about it carefully. This tool might be of good use – the Island 2 layout planner
  • Now, when your base is fully constructed you might want to get rid of Mariana Mamba first, before starting the next objective. Make sure your base is complete so you won’t be building while doing objectives.
  • The first two steps of this objective can be done in any order, but I recommend you do the Codex first, since it might be hard to get it inside your base when the assassin teams are outside your base looking for the Scientist.

1) Once a laboratory has been built, the Codex of Knowledge can be stolen from a Siberian research lab. Analyze the Codex, then combine it with a top-tier item of laboratory apparatus to unlock one of three potential Doomsday Devices.

  • This task will require a lot of plotting. The Act of Infamy for the Codex is found in Siberia, so send a few science minions there to uncover it, then complete it and the Codex will be found in your lab.

2) The Codex of Knowledge is beyond the comprehension of your science minions. Persuade a mercenary scientist to come to the island and unlock the Codex’s potential. Each world alliance has a disaffected scientist who can be approached.

  • This task will also require some plotting. The mercenary scientists can be found in the following regions:
    • SMASH – Antarctica
    • ANVIL – Southeast Asia
    • HAMMER – Siberia
    • SABRE – South Africa
    • PATRIOT – East Coast
  • After the scientist reaches your island, an assassination team will arrive, trying to kill him. Protect him from being killed. The best way to do this is send your henchmen out, they will be able to at least handle the first squad. When the scientist reaches your laboratory he will start researching the Codex. Keep the soldiers out of your base while he finishes his research.

3) The mercenary scientist has had a change of heart, and is trying to escape the island to defect back to the forces of justice. Kill him!

  • This really shouldn’t be much of a problem, considering he’s deep inside your base. If you really cannot manage to kill him before he reaches the depot, you’ll have to face the consequences: a heat increase.

4) Research the Codex of Knowledge with one of the top-tier items of laboratory apparatus to choose the Doomsday Device payload that will be used to bring the world to its knees!

  • Codex + Greenhouse = ID Eliminator
  • Codex + Environment Chamber = Earthquake Beam
  • Codex + AI Super Computer = Gravity Disruptor
  • Depending on how many pieces of information you brought from island 1, you will have one or more of these machines available. Combine one of them with the Codex, and the Codex will be destroyed for safety reasons. The only thing this choice affects, is the endgame movie. That’s all.

5) Build the rocket cavern in preparation for the Doomsday Device construction.

  • For your information, you can build the rocket silo INSIDE the big hole in the middle of your base. Right-click the cavern and select it to be built.
  • You will need at least one access point to the cavern. These are the points where there’s unmined dirt that looks as if you can build on it, but you cannot. Build a room next to those squares and your minions will be able to enter the cavern from there. Be careful, the room next to the cavern cannot be removed anymore!

Objective 7 – Global Chaos

Useful hints

  • You should do task 1 as soon as the objective starts, but wait a while before doing tasks 2 and 3. They will generate a lot of heat and you need to be prepared for that. An advice is to get rid of Jet Chan now, which should be possible.
  • You can do tasks 2 and 3 in any order, but I would recommend doing task 2 first, since task 3 will be a lot easier when the agents from different agencies don’t trust each other anymore.

1) Capture and interrogate the ambassadors on your island.

  • Soon after this objective starts, ambassadors will start to show up. There is one ambassador for each alliance. You need to capture them all, and interrogate them on a lethal device, such as the interrogation chair. If an ambassador goes away, don’t worry. He will get replaced soon by another ambassador.

2) Plant your own diplomats in the alliances’ governments.

  • This task will require some plotting again. You will need to search for Acts of Infamy which allow you to place your diplomats in the region’s government. The cabinets are located here:
    • SMASH – South America
    • ANVIL – Southeast Asia
    • HAMMER – Eastern Bloc
    • SABRE – Indian Subcontinent
    • PATRIOT – East Coast
  • You will recognize the Acts of Infamy by their icon: one of your own diplomats. Although the mission requires only 1 diplomat, it is highly advisable that you send some military and science minions along, to increase chance of success. After you’ve planted your diplomats, agents from different territories will attack each other too, so you don’t have to worry much about them as long as there are two different squads on your island.

3) Building the rocket super-structure takes a variety of different resources, from rocket fuel to titanium. These resources are rare and valuable and only available from a number of facilities dotted around the globe. Our agents in the field have located a number of locations where we can obtain these valuable resources. We must hijack them until we have the necessary components to build each section of the rocket super-structure.

  • Again, another task that will require plotting. You will need a grand total of 25 crates to build the complete rocket, but unlike the game tells you, it doesn’t matter where you get these crates from. Be aware that this task will generate loads of heat AND notoriety, probably unlocking the last super agents and giving you loads of soldiers to handle. Be warned!
  • The missions are located in these territories:
    • SMASH – South America
    • ANVIL – Central Asia
    • HAMMER – Eastern Bloc
    • SABRE – South Africa
    • PATRIOT – Mid-West
  • These missions will keep on going until you either run out of minions in that territory, or you abort the mission manually. The crates will be moved to your freezer, but it doesn’t matter if it’s full: they will simply be moved somewhere else. When you have enough crates, you can build the rocket. Right-click the cavern floor (not the catwalks or the rocket pit) and select them to be built.

Objective 8 – Doomsday Beckons

Useful hints

  • And yet another objective… not the hardest in the game, but since you are able to, you might as well get rid of Katarina Frostonova now. The sooner, the better.

1) A. Steal and research the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Doomsday Technology object, while defending it against their retrieval teams.
B. Steal and research the S.A.B.R.E. and A.N.V.I.L. Doomsday Technology objects.
C. Capture the cosmonaut who has been lured to the island, and interrogate him multiple times on a health-draining device; an attention-draining device; and a smarts-draining device. H.A.M.M.E.R. will be trying to rescue him – if they succeed, lure him back through an Act of Infamy.

  • As you see, there are three ways of completing this task. The first involves stealing a piece of high-tech loot from the Mid-West, protecting it against PATRIOT thieves, and finding three successful research combinations for it. The devices you’re looking for are the Laser, the Bio tanks and the Environment Chamber.
  • The second involves stealing a Meteor Fragment from Polynesia and another piece of high-tech loot from Australasia, then finding three successful research combinations for it. Again, the devices you’re looking for are the Laser, Bio tanks and Environment Chamber. Both items need to be researched on all three devices.
  • The third involves the cosmonaut you’ve probably noticed walking around on your island. Capture him, then interrogate him a total of six times. Two times on a health-draining device, such as the chair, the laser, the impact stress, the enviro chamber or the bookcases. Two times on a smarts-draining device, such as the brainiac, the mixer, the brainwasher and the bio tanks. And two times on an attention-draining device, such as the rifle range, centrifuge, greenhouse or supercomputer. If somehow the groups of HAMMER agents sent to your island set the cosmonaut free and he leaves the island, you’ll have to look for an Act of Infamy in Central Russia to make him get back again.
  • Now, after you have done either of those three things, you can construct the satellite in the hangar, like you did with the rocket parts.

2) The rocket superstructure is useless without the engine. The science team has attempted to build an engine block from scratch, but their efforts have been pitiful. A blueprint of an existing engine design will be needed if the Doomsday Device is to ever get off the ground. The French are known to be developing a rocket of their own in Morocco, their colony. Infiltrate their testing lab in Casablanca and steal the vital engine plans.

  • And more plotting is required. For your information, look in North Africa. Once the engine plans are stolen and have reached your base, you can construct the satellite the same way you did with the satellite.

Objective 9 – Evil Ultimatum

Useful hints

  • This mission will end in loads of soldiers arriving on your island, so if you have any things left to do, do them now. Get rid of Dirk Masters too, just to not have him killing your minions anymore.

1) Build a launch button on the cavern catwalk, then make your Evil Genius interact with it to start the rocket engine test. Firing the engines is a dangerous process – if you run out of minions in the rocket cavern, the test must be started again. Providing multiple entrances to the cavern will make it easier for your minions to enter it. Fire the engines for an unbroken minute to proceed.

  • Testing the rocket will probably kill quite some minions, so be prepared. Have at least a total of 40 minions that are able to enter the cavern and you’ll be fine probably. All science minions can enter the cavern, and so can construction workers. If you’re still having problems, turn off the control room by sliding the time clock back to zero. That should help. Also make your Evil Genius interact with the access shafts, this will send one more minion down. Also make sure you have at least 4 access points to make it easier for minions to reach them.

2) Construct a global communications network by building 5 transmitter aerials outside and a TV studio in the inner sanctum. When the rocket engine test has been successfully completed, make your Evil Genius interact with the inner sanctum TV studio to issue your ultimatum to the world.

  • The aerials get destroyed really easily, so it’s probably best to build a couple more than needed, and maybe even guard them with sentry guns. Once you make your Evil Genius send the ultimatum, there is no turning back. All your heat will be maxed out, so you will probably want to move all your minions inside your base first and lock the exit doors.

Objective X – Take over the World

Useful hints

  • This mission will end in loads of soldiers arriving on your island, so if you have any things left to do, do them now. Get rid of Dirk Masters too, just to not have him killing your minions anymore.

1) Assemble the rocket in preparation for launch. This is a long process, and the forces of justice aren’t going to stand idly by while you do it. Keep the agents at bay until the rocket is ready for launch.

  • This is basically ‘survive for 13 minutes’ which shouldn’t be too hard. Set your base to high alert, have your henchmen in the important areas. As long as your Evil Genius is alive at the end, everything is just fine.

2) Launch the Doomsday Device and revel in the catastrophic effects of your dastardly deeds.

  • That’s all. A big red button appears, and when you push it, everything is over. Enjoy the ending. Also you might try to get rid of John Steele… have him in a cell when you push the button.

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