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Incendio is one of the newest henchmen announced for the Evil Geinus 2 World Domination.  Here’s what we know so far from the information release via the official Evil Genius 2 Twitter account and other sources.


In the original Evil Genius game henchmen had 4 abilities.  We’ve only seen 2 of Incendio’s abilities from the video below.  Does that mean henchmen will only have 2 abilities in EG2?  Our guess they’ll remain with additional abilities, but don’t have any more information on it quite yet.

The two abilities we do know about:

Magic Trick – Distracts a large number of tourists and agents

We assume this one will lower your global heat for tourists or agents that may stumble upon any nefarious activities.

Misdirection – Ignores tourists distractions for a small duration

This one we’re not sure on.  Does this mean that tourists can distract your henchmen from doing their job?  Can we no longer control our henchmen to run to specific locations or kickoff abilities?

Video & Gameplay

News About Incendio