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Emma, who is an ex-spymaster. She knows the Forces of Justice almost as well as the Forces of Justice know themselves, and she’s able to play much more into deception, making everyone think that everything is fairly normal over here. She is the person you want to play if you are going to try and convince everyone that you aren’t that evil mastermind until it is exactly too late to stop you.

Emma – who focuses around the Deception Tree. She’s a former Spymaster, embittered at her defeat during the events of the original Evil Genius, and has a general fondness for beating agents at their own game. If you want to keep a low profile on the world stage, taking over the world almost completely in secret, then Emma is the Genius for you. She also prefers working more closely with her Henchmen, able to assist them and get them back into the fight more quickly.

  • She has the most ordinary sounding name compared to the other Evil Geniuses.
  • Former Spy-Master, actually, but this gives her an advantage over the Forces of Justice by knowing how they operate and anticipating their movements compared to the other three Evil Geniuses.


Emma’s abilities play into her close relationship with her Henchmen, giving her the power to reset their cooldowns. She’s used to overseeing spies, making her henchmen more efficient than everybody else. Given that you can choose your own Henchmen, then Emma’s playstyle can really be tailored to the player in question. So, if you wanted to keep Jubei in the fight for longer, you could have him return to Emma for a pep talk, before sending him into battle once again. If you pick a load of Muscle henchmen, then you can really give Emma a fighting force to be reckoned with.

  1. Deception
  2. Global Chaos

Here’s what we know so far from the information released via the official Evil Genius 2 Twitter account and other sources.

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