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Maximilian is back again from the original, it wouldn’t be the same without him.  He’s a well rounded evil genius and we assume he will be the same as in the original with a few tweaks.

First up, let’s talk about our Gold Standard in villainy – Maximillian. He’s returning from the original game, but I’d like to drop a little bit more information on what that means for him. You see, an Evil Genius did conquer the world, but… Well, it wasn’t dear old Max. Speculate all you want, I’m not allowed to say more! Maximillian is your all-rounder – a great Genius for beginners to sink their teeth into, generating gold and specialized minions to do his work for him.

  • When using Maximilian you can have more minions than any of the other evil geniuses
  • Previously he would boost stats if within his range
  • His execution method is pulling out a pistol and shooting his minions in the head
  • His scar is a very clear reference to Dr. Evil
  • Has a scar going vertically down his right eye and clear reference to Dr. Evil
  • Wears a monocle perhaps to demonstrate his wealthy background
  • Jack of all stats – Max is being presented as such for Evil Genius 2. While the other three Geniuses focus more heavily on social, military, or science playstyles and objectives, Max is a mix of the three and is intended for newer players to adjust to the game.
  • Being an Industrialist, Max gets advantages in the science department with lower research costs


Max excels at boosting minion training – rapidly promoting his workforce and creating more Specialists. So if you’re lacking in certain minions and want to quickly have them skill up to fill slots in your Lair, then Max is excellent at that.

  1. Well rounded skills
  2. More minions than any of the other Evil Geniuses

Here’s what we know so far from the information released via the official Evil Genius 2 Twitter account and other sources.

Videos & Gameplay

News About Maximilian