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Red Ivan was promoted from a henchman in the original to an actual Evil Genius in Evil Genius 2.  We know he likes to blow things up so assume choosing him will benefit your military minions, but not a lot of information has been released.

Red Ivan, as you may have guessed, focuses more on ‘Might Makes Right’ as his ethos. If you want to have the kind of Lair that features armed Guards on every single corner, then Ivan’s your man. He’s also slightly hardier in combat, so a great choice for first-time players.

Also, for those still wondering about the events of the first game, yes – Ivan was involved. The Genius even rewarded him with his own country, the Nation of Ivania, probably just to keep him away from the Lair. Things have taken a sour turn for your militaristic mastermind since then.

  • Red Ivan is our heavy metal mastermind and rules with an iron fist
  • Once a Henchman in the first game, now a full-fledged Evil Genius in the sequel
  • He’s very unsubtle and does make sure he has a lot of muscle minions to defend his lair at the drop of a hat
  • Though clean shaven in the first game, he now sports a beard in the second game
  • Wears one as a part of his new look in the second game, which is fitting since he was a former member of the soviet secret police
  • Red Ivan still has access to his bazooka as a special ability to be used against enemy agents
  • As shown in the current header image for the game’s official Twitter account, Red Ivan’s ascent to full-on Evil Genius has come with one of these, as well as a mechanical hand.
  • As in the original game; however, in the sequel Ivan made a step up from being a mere Henchman and is now looking to take over the world himself
  • Wears a stereotypical Soviet military officer outfit even as he strikes out on his own in a quest for world domination
  • Founded, ruled, and was deposed from ruling one between games called Ivannia


Despite our protestations, Red Ivan has brought his Rocket Launcher into the modern age. Want to deal with invaders personally? Then put Red Ivan on the front lines and have him directly involved in combat. Now…it’s quite tricky to control a rocket in motion, so he’ll only do this when you command. Nobody, except maybe Ivan in his younger days, wants their Lair in a constant state of ‘on fire’. You’re in control of Red Ivan and his Rocket Launcher, so if you do want to set your base ablaze…

  1. We know from the trailer below he has the ability to focus minions on their job to complete them more quickly.
  2. Heavy focus on your military

Here’s what we know so far from the information released via the official Evil Genius 2 Twitter account and other sources.

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