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Zalika has a very strong focus on science. This is an Evil Genius who is capable of researching gadgets much faster and much more effectively than any of the other Geniuses, meaning people who choose Zalika will have a high-tech lair much more rapidly than any other Evil Genius.

  • Her main schtick. Zalika’s scientific genius allows the players to research new items and traps in a faster rate.


Zalika is Science-focused, ensuring that research goes smoothly, cracking through research trees more reliably than other geniuses. However, as Zalika’s Lair has a scientific focus, you’re going to need more Technicians and Scientists to keep everything running and up to date, so keep that in mind when choosing her.

Zalika’s scientific prowess also extends to Furniture repair. If any item in your Lair is falling apart, you can order her to deploy Nano-Drones, repairing the area around her – extinguishing fires, repairing objects and keeping her Lair in a good state. This is especially useful if your Lair is power-hungry, so if you’re looking to keep the lights on regardless of outside interference, then you and Zalika have a lot in common.

  1. Science Focused
  2. Research Focused

Here’s what we know so far from the information released via the official Evil Genius 2 Twitter account and other sources.

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